Performance without Compromise

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Marketing where it matters

The performance of a large agency with the service of an in-house team? Yes please!

A combined 30 years of media buying grants us a certain perspective: there’s no replacement for experience, but there is room for innovation.

After all, when you master something, you learn how to be more efficient—more exacting—every time. It’s what lets us be bold with new ideas and have pinpoint accuracy when it matters most. And when is that? When your brand needs strategy and planning to drive not just the execution, but the success of your traditional and digital media. So… pretty much always. The Parnell Group is ready. Thanks to our nimble, full-service expertise, your business really can have it all.


TPG has access to best-in-class tools across analytics, data management, automation and media platforms, allowing our team of experts to ideate on strategies for success and deploy with speed—no hand holding necessary. Our proprietary tech stack, the TPG Adaptive platform, is designed to nimbly integrate disparate data sources to uncover the real story behind your data.


Every customer is different and we pride ourselves on developing inherently flexible and customized solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with existing client tech stacks to deliver insights and inform activation plans. It’s how we achieve short-term needs and set the foundation for long-term objectives.

A partner that works seamlessly with us.

Driving leads efficiently is a core function of our marketing team, but we knew we needed a partner that could help make sense of all the signals we were getting from our data. The Parnell Group has worked seamlessly with our teams to drive media performance and develop solutions. Ashley takes the time to truly understand the nuances of our business and build strategies that both drive growth and create insights that we can build upon.

Natalie Bracamontez
Director, Customer Marketing
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